Electric Substations

From Substation and Switchyard designs (5kV through 345kV), to utility interconnection studies, to custom grounding and lightning protection designs, to unique protective relay schemes; From the most minute design details to system-wide studies, our engineers provide a solution for every size and problem. We specialize in Protection and Control design, Physical design, SCADA and Automation, and are prepared to offer a custom, practical solution.

  • Physical and P&C Design
  • SCADA/Automation Design
  • Greenfields, Retrofits & Upgrades
  • Protective Relaying Schemes, Design, and Commissioning
  • Soil Resistance & Grounding Design and Testing
  • Mobile Substation Design
  • VAR Control and Design
  • Generation & Renewables Interconnection Design
  • Utility Interconnection Analysis
  • Power System Modelling and Analysis
  • Substation and Switching Station Design
  • Loading & System Capacity Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Transient Stability Analysis
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Harmonic & PF Analysis & Mitigation
  • Grounding Design
  • Lightning Protection Design
  • Duct-bank Heating Analysis
  • System Reliability/Deficiency Analysis
  • Structural Design
  • Frame & Lattice Structures
  • GA Layouts, Sectional Views
  • Structure & Foundation Design
  • Forensic Analysis & Investigations
  • Owner’s Engineering Reviews
  • Field/Construction Inspection/Support

Electric Substations Contact:

Alex Richards


We have the expertise needed to plan and execute your electrical substation design.

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