Electric T&D

Aquawolf has extensive experience in overhead and underground transmission and distribution engineering and design. Our engineers are experts in NESC and General Order 95 code requirements as well as ASCE specifications and guidelines for design. We can meet your project needs from initial planning to detailed engineering to construction interface and as-built drawing creation.

Overhead Transmission Engineering

    • Greenfield Design
    • Line Rebuild Projects
    • Reconductor Upgrades
    • Fiber Additions
    • Line Reroutes

Structure Design

      • Lattice Tower
      • Monopole & Frame Structures
      • Foundation Design

Line Verification

    • LiDAR Analysis
    • Thermal Uprates
    • Structure Analysis

Underground Transmission and Distribution

    • Underground utility records research and plotting 
    • Alignment base map development (land survey subcontracted) 
    • Alignment feasibility studies 
    • Design exhibit development for route evaluation, permitting, land services, public outreach, utility locating, etc. 
    • Plan and profile design 
    • Cable length and reel assignment calculations 
    • Cable pulling calculations 
    • Construction phasing design 
    • Construction field engineering support

Distribution Engineering

    • Fire Risk Mitigation
    • Downed. Conductor and Fire-Risk
    • Detection Protection & Control
    • Pole Risk Mitigation & Engineering
    • Pole Loading AssessmentsPole and Crossarm Design

Design/Drafting Services

    • Job Packages
    • P&P Sheets
    • Material Lists

Power System Modelling and System Analysis 

Power System Protection Design and Commissioning

Owner’s Engineering Reviews

Protection & Control Design and Commissioning

Field/Construction Inspection/Support


Electric T&D Contact:

Evan Harriger


Experience in overhead transmission and distribution engineering and design.

Electric T&D


Aquawolf’s approach to projects sets us apart as experts in the utility engineering industry.

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