Generation & Renewables

Aquawolf has solutions and expertise to meet your generation needs in the areas of hydro, natural gas, solar, wind, nuclear, diesel, cogeneration, renewables, micro-grids, backup generation, and battery storage. Our skills range from greenfield designs to brownfield retrofits and upgrades, from interconnection studies to protection and control design, from power system studies, modeling and analysis to NERC compliance and design, and we are prepared to provide you a custom and practical solution.

  • Generation Design
    • Hydro
    • Diesel
    • Natural Gas
    • PV/Solar
    • Wind
    • Nuclear
    • Cogeneration
    • Back-up Generation
    • Battery Storage
    • Micro-grids
    Distributed Energy Resources (DER)
  • SCADA/Automation Design
  • Greenfields, Retrofits, & Upgrades
  • Power Plant Decommissioning
  • Power System Analysis and Studies
  • System Planning and Capital Studies
  • FEED Studies
  • ROI, IRR, and Financial/Capital Justification Studies
  • Forensic Analysis and Field Investigations
  • Protection and Control Design
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • As-Builting and System Modelling
  • Battery Storage Integration
  • Utility Interconnection Studies
  • Interconnecting Substation Design
  • Backup Generation Integration
  • Microgrid and Islanding-Grid Design

Generation & Renewables Contact:

Alex Richards

We have the expertise needed to plan and execute generation & renewables.

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