Natural Gas

Aquawolf has a staff of engineers with many years of cumulative utility engineering experience.  Aquawolf’s expertise in natural gas planning, design and engineering spans from route feasibility analysis to complex design and management of multi-mile pipeline installations, with special expertise in the design of horizontal directional drills, metering and regulation design, and gas system planning. 

  • Gas Transmission and Distribution Engineering
  • Pipeline Alignment Design
  • Inline Inspection Support
    • Launcher/Receiver Design
    • Cutout/Replacement Design
    • Oil Entrainment Analysis
  • Gas Planning
    • SynerGEE System Analysis
    • Main Sizing and Load Studies
    • Uprating/Derating Analysis and Planning
  • Civil/Structural Engineering
    • Span Analysis
    • Foundation/Footing Design
    • Vault Design

Natural Gas Contact:

Blake Darling

We have the expertise needed to plan and execute your gas design.

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