Power System Studies

Aquawolf has a staff of engineers with many years of cumulative power system studies experience. Aquawolf’s expertise in utility infrastructure planning, design, and engineering spans from system planning to interconnection studies, and from capital studies to root cause analysis. We are experts in greenfield system designs as well as brownfield retro-fit designs and as-builting. We can develop reliability and maintenance programs, solve power quality issues and develop protective relaying and control designs. From design to testing and commissioning, from system modeling and analysis to NERC compliance analysis and design, we are prepared to provide you a custom and practical solution.

  • Power System Modeling
    • ETAP
    • SKM
    • Milsoft
    • Aspen
  • Power System Analysis
  • Loading & System Capacity Analysis
  • Voltage and VAR Support Analysis
  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Transient Stability Analysis
  • Motor Starting Analysis
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Protective Coordination
  • Harmonic & PF Analysis & Mitigation
  • Grounding Design
  • Lightning Protection Design
  • Duct-bank Heating Analysis
  • System Reliability/Deficiency Analysis
  • Arc Flash Studies and Analysis
  • System Planning and Capitol Studies
  • FEED Studies
  • ROI, IRR, and Financial/Capitol Justification Studies
  • Utility Bill Estimations and Bill Reduction Studies
  • Forensic Analysis and Field Investigations
  • As-Builting Documentation and System Modelling

Power System Studies Contact:

Alex Richards


We have the expertise needed to plan any Power System Study.

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