Third-Party Attachments

Aquawolf’s engineers and designers have extensive experience and knowledge related to the analysis of third-party antenna attachments on transmission poles and lattice towers. Our team is well versed in the NESC, General Order 95, and TIA codes, as well as ASCE specifications. Aquawolf can completely all aspects of projects from PLS CADD modeling to PLS Tower modeling and analysis.

PLS-CADD Modeling
• As-built existing transmission or distribution lines

Structural Analysis
• Create models of existing towers or poles from fabrication drawings or other historical records
• Calculate loading of proposed attachments per TIA and other applicable codes
• Perform comparative analysis between in-situ and proposed configurations
• Retrofit existing towers to support proposed attachments

Structural Analysis Audits
• Review tnxTower and other finite element structural software reports and drawings

Third-Party Attachments Contact:

Michael Caso

We have the expertise needed to plan and execute third party attachments.

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